Hold me accountable…Please

10 May

They say that writing accesses a different part of the brain than speaking does. I know that this hold true, as I seem to be able to pull information out of nowhere when I free write. This is one of the reasons it is such a good exercise to do on a daily basis. Just sit down and write… whatever is in that mysterious mind of yours. Lately I have been thinking; perhaps others might gain some sort of value from that mysterious flow of information coming out of my brain. After all, I am a book addict, a reader obsessed. Although I don’t (always) retain much, I’m sure there is some good information floating around in there somewhere. As I struggle on my journey to find myself, I have hopes that I can help you all in some small way. Some topics to look forward to:

– Application Development (iPhone)

– Real estate investing

– Golf

– Zen/ meditation

– Habits

– Self improvement

– General musings on my lack of direction in life

I don’t live the life of a normal twenty something, although I am normal in the sense I don’t know what the hell i am supposed to be doing in life. I think this is a common thread through this decade of life to which most of us can relate. If this sounds like you, please leave a comment introducing yourself. If you can spare the time, tell me where you are from, and what you want to get out of this blog. I need a little extra push to write everyday. Hold me accountable… Please

– C


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