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Safe is the New Risky

15 Feb


“Safe is the new risky; risky is the new safe. The riskiest thing you can do is play it safe. There are countless examples of people who are now unemployed because they played it safe. All those people who went to Wall Street because it was the safe thing to do, to follow instructions-they all lost their jobs. Go down the list. More and more, if it’s a ‘safe’ job, it’s risky.” – Seth Godin

Choosing the entrepreneurial mindset over the employee mindset

No longer does a college degree and a tedious life of corporate servitude guarantee a paycheck and a means to support ourselves. Corporate jobs are being off shored, automated and outsourced ever increasingly.  In order to create financial security, we must take matters in to our own hands.  All of our lives we have been taught to follow authority, to give the right answer and to conform to that which is expected of us. School taught us to consider what the asker of a question expects to hear before coming up with an answer. The meritocracy of modern day education, based on grades and respect for authority, has stifled our ingenuity as individuals. How are we ever to get where we want to be if we are constantly conforming to that which is expected of us? We must forge our own path, break out of societal norms and no longer ask, what is the correct answer? This is the only way to reclaim our individuality, creativity, and sense of purpose. We must innovate and create, ignore our societal conditioning, and become the being that we truly were before we were brainwashed by our upbringings. George Bernard Shaw said “A reasonable man adapts himself to his environment, an unreasonable man persists in his attempting to adapt his environment to suit himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” Compliance is not a shortcut to success.

Go out out there and try to be a little more unreasonable. I dare you.